It can be done by the World Wide Network.

It is necessary to have sensitivity and knowledge to sufficiently communicate with people with a different cultural background.

InfoTrans has constructed our own network of native rewriters in Europe and Asia and native speakers for proofreading from the end user's viewpoint to support accurate communication.


Globalize every document by sophisticated localization.

Nowadays a wide variety of products and services are provided all over the world.

Accordingly, the importance of sophisticated localization has increased.

What is indispensable for optimal localization is human resources who are very familiar with the local culture, the local history, the local custom, etc. and the knowledge on those areas must be reflected in the translation.

InfoTrans has the network of specialists for localization to more than 40 languages mainly in Europe and Asia who translate documents into multiple languages and evaluate the usability.

In addition, specialized staff checks the content to provide more accurate localization.

Please do choose InfoTrans and take advantage of our service for worldwide business development and for communication that promotes the mutual understanding.

Effectively translate and localize manuals into multiple languages.

Multi-language documents are now mandatory to comply with strengthened environmental regulations all over the world.

InfoTrans has the division specialized for manuals to meet every request ranging from translation/localization of multi-language documents to data conversion to achieve "Single-source Multi-use."

Network of translators for more than 40 languages all over the world.

They are native speakers in more than 40 countries who were selected through a rigorous screening by InfoTrans.

This is why InfoTrans can achieve high quality, short delivery period, and low cost.

"Trados" the world standard translation supporting tool

Trados, the translation software released by SDL, is now the industry standard tool. Utilizing Trados when translating manuals enables effective translation work and significant cost reduction, which results in translated documents with consistency and high quality and a shorter delivery period.

Alignment of software for translation and DTP

DTP application data can be converted into the translation data by Trados while retaining the layout/tag information.

After the translated data is converted back into the application data, all you have to do for DTP is only a simple layout modification work.

So, the data preparation period becomes shorter.

Single-source Multi-use

In recent years, the manual data has been generated based on the concept of Single-source Multi-use. This solution of Single-source Multi-use realizes faster project development and lower cost.

InfoTrans also takes on editing HTML/XML-coded data for DTP.

Company Profile

Company Profile

Company name InfoTrans Co. Ltd.
Business Site/Head Office Pearl More Bldg. 3F, 30 Akagishitamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0803
Representative Director Noriaki Hirai
Date of Foundation January 15, 2001
Date of Establishment January 16, 2003
Certified Standards · ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification/Registration
· ISO9001:2015 Environmental Management System Certification/Registration
Group Companies INFO TRANS B.V. (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

INFO TRANS BEIJING CO., LTD. (Beijing, People's Republic of China)

CTA GROUP (Haarlem, The Netherlands)

BEIJING ACCURATE TRANSLATION CO., LTD. (Beijing, People's Republic of China)

Membership Japan :

・Japan Technical Communicators Association (JTCA)

・Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation (AAMT)

The Netherlands :

・The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in The Netherlands


January, 2001 Established InfoTrans B.V. in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
February, 2001 Japan Office of InfoTrans in Shinjuku, Tokyo opened for business.
January, 2003 Established InfoTrans Co. Ltd. in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
October, 2003 Established Beijing InfoTrans Co. Ltd.
April, 2008 Commenced operations of
ISO9001:2008 (Quality Management System)
ISO14001:2004 (Environmental Management System)
February, 2009 Certified/Registered for
ISO9001:2008 (Quality Management System)
ISO14001:2004 (Environmental Management System)
August, 2013 Moved to the current address to expand business.
December, 2017 Certified/Registered for
ISO9001:2015 (Quality Management System)
ISO14001:2015 (Environmental Management System)
April, 2018 Set up StyleStick Division.

Major Client Companies (random order)

Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Ricoh Creative Service Company Ltd.


Canon Inc.

CMC Corporation

Komatsu Ltd.

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.



Mitutoyo Corporation

Toshiba Tec Corporation




Asahi C&I Co., Ltd.

Hakuhodo Incorporated

Nihon Unisys, Ltd.

Modern Corporation

Hitachi Capital Corporation

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

Hotel Okura Tokyo Co., Ltd.

KNT-CT Holdings Co., Ltd.

Embassy of the Republic of the Marshall Islands in Japan



And many others.


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Privacy Policy

InfoTrans recognizes that protecting the personal information is important and that we have a social responsibility to properly utilize and protect it.
InfoTrans is committed to endeavoring to protect your privacy.

(Definition of the personal information) The personal information refers to the information relating to individuals, such as the name, the date of birth, the gender, phone number(s), E-mail address(es), occupation(s), and place(s) of employment, that can identify specific individuals.

(Collecting and using the personal information) InfoTrans collects and uses the personal information required only for the following purposes.

· To provide the information useful and necessary to customers such as operations to deliver ordered products and introductions of new products.

· To make an inquiry necessary to execute operations or for confirmation, and to respond to inquiries/comments for service improvements.

InfoTrans collects and uses the personal information that is voluntarily provided by you, and InfoTrans considers your act a permission to use such information in a way that complies with this privacy policy.

(Disclosure of the personal information to third parties) InfoTrans shall not, excluding cases provided by law as exceptions, disclose/provide the personal information to third parties without receiving in advance the consent of the principal.

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